The true Mayhem, Mortiis, Diablery @ Fuzz live music space 04.05.2022

Diablery Mortiis The true Mayhem

5 May 2022
Torche w/Knock Nevis @ Temple Athens, 11.03.2020

Knock Nevis Torche

12 March 2020
Off the chain Unplugged nights of 2019

One man drop Hold and release Night Haze P minor – John Kampouropoulos Pulse R – Desert monks Προφίλ Emi Path – Project uncut 4LT – Valerie’s bones Efi Eva & Alex Des The after maths – Ciggy kiss 4LT Nairouz Underhill West Manantee Theo NT Akka Off the chain Family

16 January 2020
Gig Collaborations from 2019

Desert Monks St. Guilt Babo koro Serenity Broken Minorfase The Bittersweet Beth Hart Μαρίζα Ρίζου Jay’s Waze Night Resident System Decay Mind Ripple Honeybadger Citizen Jim Ε.Αρβανιτάκη – Γ.Κότσιρας

13 January 2020
Top 20 photos of 2019

1.Refused 2.Florence & the Machine 3.Cure 4.Beth Hart 5.Iggy Pop 6.Slayer 7.Desert Monks 8.The Adicts 9.Lamb of God 10.Rob Zombie 11.Turbonegro 12.Baroness 13.Thundermother 14.Nasty 15.Def Leppard 16.Eagles of death metal 17.Orange Goblin 18.Shame 19.Whitesnake 20.Venom inc.

7 January 2020
Planet of Zeus gigs 2016-2019

Piraeus 117 Academy 2016 Desertfest 2017 Street mode 2018 Release Athens 2019 Berlin 2019

18 December 2019